Vita Cleansing Complex


The Vital Cleanser, is infused with leading edge collagen enhancers to keep our skin smooth and wrinkle free,  it is formulated with  a new-revolutionary epigenetic plant extract, discovered in Germany and scientifically derived from "Calendula Antioxidants". Research has shown this form of, "Calendula Extract"  prevents collagen degradation from all synthetic lighting, such as computer screens, cell phones, tablets and all light which is shining out of the circadian rhythm of natural light.  Vita Cleanse also contains soothing botanical extracts and carefully chosen antioxidants to defend against daily aggressors. You apply it directly to your skin with clean water and it will thoroughly remove all make-up and environment pollutants, while restoring a moisture deficient skin. This cleanser smooths fine lines and you will enjoy having a glowing complexion to add to your ageless, beautiful skin.. Excellent for all ages and skin types.  
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