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New Visage offers the most advanced products and treatments for diminishing the visible signs of aging. We specialize in bringing you safe medically advanced, scientifically researched products and treatments. Our newest product line Vistreae offers exceptional cleansing, toning, strengthening and prevention options for your current skin care regime.

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Although we can't stop chronological aging we can help you to look younger at any age. As researchers, professors and skin care experts develop a greater interest in finding safe alternatives to prolong the youthful vitality of our skins, we can ensure the least amount of side effects with lasting results. View Product

Advanced Treatments

We specialize in safe medically advanced
scientifically researched skin treatments.
We offer you the most advanced skin care technologies
and anti-aging treatments for lasting beauty. Read More

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This season your skin needs...

Spring presents a universal balance of beauty, health and fresh new life and spring is the season to renew and brighten our complexions by removing dull, dry, hard skin cells.

As the days get warmer, sunlight heralds in brilliant blooms of flowers and lush, new plants. With the inspiration of extracts from fresh budding plants, sophisticated science created these exceptional products to give us a fresh, radiant complexion and to defend against UV sun exposure and environmental stress.

Click the images below for the best seasonal skin savers - containing natural extracts from hibiscus and the sprouts from green plants. Time to refresh and renew with the season!