Cleansing Treatments

We specialize in safe, advanced, scientifically researched skin treatments. We offer you the most advanced skin care technologies
and anti-aging treatments for lasting beauty.

Once considered a luxury, professional skin care can help overcome damage due to sunlight, poor nutritional habits, hyper-pigmentation, dead skin build-up and smoking.

We guarantee that our comprehensive selection of treatments will satisfy all your health care needs without harmful side effects.

Consultations and treatments are by appointment only and must be scheduled in. Please call us for more information and to ensure you are booking the correct treatment for your unique skin.

Here is a list of our current cleansing treatments;

Cherry Glycation End Treatment

Does your diet consist of carbohydrates, sugar, meat and sometimes processed food?  This treatment targets, defends and combats persistent wrinkles that are formed by sugar cross-linking to protein molecules from our diet. This is an exceptional treatment to do all year round to defend against glycation in our skin. It is especially beneficial to receive this treatment  prior to a holiday or events when you know that you may be consuming excessive amounts of glucose.

Beta Plus Large Pore Treatment

This treatment  gently loosens the intercellular oils that form at the surface of our skin also known as the lipid barrier. Pollution peroxides can also oxidize sebum in our pores to cause blackheads and they trigger inflammatory chemicals that destroy dermal tissue. This treatment uses a natural blend of enzymes and antioxidants to repair the lipid barrier to normal.

Green Power Stem Cell Regenerator

Regenerating your skin with a powerful concentration of active plant cells this treatment offers a synergistic affect that will repair sun damage and initiate a deep, firming action to restore skin elasticity. Swiss apple, Alpine rose (Edelweiss plant), echinacea and plantain all play a collaborative role in this genius treatment.

Fusion Cyst Removal

The Fusion Cyst treatment gently removes hardness, known as lipid fusion within the pores and skin due to lipid peroxide damage from pollution, wearing a face mask and exposure to light rays emitting from televisions, computer screens and cell phones. 

Multi-Fruit Radiance Brightening

Research has proven that pomegranate, grape skin, pineapple and papaya extracts contain  important enzymes and antioxidants to clean and brighten the surface complexion.  Lavish your skin with antioxidants to prevent free radical damage and support the life span of DNA. 

Catio-Clean Treatment

This new, two stage treatment from France provides clear radiant skin. It feels sensational and the skin glows after this treatment.  Exceptional for cleaning pores and cysts, removing dead skin cells, it tones the muscles, promotes collagen and hydrates.

Hibiscus Treatment

Hibiscus is a non-irritating phyto - exfoliant that accelerates cell energy while providing skin lightening, healing and hydrating benefits. It works with all skin types as it addresses aging, dull skin tone and impurities.

Consultations and treatments are by appointment only and must be scheduled in. Please contact us to book an appointment.