Cherry Glycation End Treatment

Does your diet consist of carbohydrates, sugar, meat and sometimes processed food? The Cherry Glycation End Treatment targets, defends and combats persistent wrinkles that are formed by sugar cross-linking to protein molecules from our diet.   This treatment contains a powerful nectar consisting of black cherry extract, pomegranate and vitus vinefera (grape skin extract). It is aimed at blocking the destructive biochemical pathways of sugar molecules thus preventing deep groves of wrinkles that remain stiff and inflexible.    It also contains extracts of papain, bromelain and lactic acid to gently exfoliate  surface dead skin cells.  Research has shown that cherries contain extracts of anthocyanins that prevent sugar binding to the DNA helix, prolonging the health of our stem cells.  This treatment gently defends and renews surface brightness immediately.   It reduces hyper pigmentation, large pores and facial lines. This is an exceptional treatment to do all year round to defend against glycation in our skin. It is especially beneficial to receive this treatment  prior to a holiday or events when you know that you may be consuming excessive amounts of glucose.

Price - $110.00 for the face, neck and decollete. 

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