Trans Dermal Collagen Enhancement Treatment

This treatment creates fullness, comfort and softens fine lines. It was formulated to replace the need for collagen injections  which cause scar tissue due to repeated needles in the same area.. Instead we use natural, marine  collagen-ions to connect with your skin to assist it to produce collagen.  This collagen acts like a receptor bringing nourishment to your stem cell and collagen fibroblasts.    This unique layering system is excellent for aging or fragile sun damaged skins. 

Young skin readily regenerates collagen on a regular nourishment - fuel  flows .to our stem cell and collagen fibroblasts.   In an aging skin  the synthesis of collagen decreases by the decade and  blood vessels weaken due to sun damage The  skin becomes thinner, expression lines become rigid and  we begin to see  more imperfections  through a fragile thin barrier that is lacking in collagen.  The Trans Dermal Collagen Treatment assists the skin to rebuild collagen by working with your body rather than forcing it through an injury 

By utilizing the benefits of this new algae ion technology, we can stimulate cells to increase the rate of collagen regeneration and restore the skin’s ability to feel comfortable and supple as it did in your youth. An excellent treatment to combine with Photo dynamic LEDs for maximum collagen production.

Price - $120.00

Combined with LEDs - $180

To minimize the sun and collagen peroxide damage on a daily basis: