SWiCH Treatment by Dr. Pugliese

With the Revolutionary SWiCH Dermal Rejuvenation treatment  your skin cells will be gently and safely stimulated to produce fresh, firm, healthy glowing skin- the kind you once had and would like to achieve again.  SWiCH will achieve these goals for you with no down time involved.  Other methods using acids, peels, machines and harsh abrasives are a thing of the past. 

With SWiCH, it is now possible to trigger your repair system without injury to the skin.  A breakthrough dermal rejuvenation treatment, it leaves the skin luminous, healthier, clearer and firmer.  Cellular turnover can increase up to 25%.

SWiCH works by boosting the energy in the cell resulting in a more organized and denser collagen and elastin matrix.  This occurs gradually and results are based on initial skin condition

"WOW that swich treatment is something else!! My skin is luminous... and feels like silk... its back!!"  -xx Francine

Price - $160.00