Save Your Face Treatment

The Save Your Face Treatment is a preventative treatment and while it doesn’t particularly heal the skin it does focus on disposing of potentially harmful areas of tissue and pigment to keep it in a healthier state. It is a gentle treatment without irritation or surface peeling and it is safe to have this treatment in the summer. Non genetically modified protien peptides are added to act as powerful antioxidants that will protect and restore the cell, DHEA peptides are used to activate and release the build-up of pigment deposits; this creates a double action protective quality that reinforces our immune system. Your skin will look visibly smoother and dramatically healthier within 5 days. An excellent treatment to have in the spring or before all holidays leading to the sun.  This treatment boosts your own immunity by freeing your own pigment makers (melanocytes) to defend in the sun. Your skin is able to defend against future sun damage.

Price - $120 per treatment

Saving your face is an on-going process. You need treatments to ensure the removal of potentially harmful tissue and daily antioxidants to protect and restore.

To boost your protection factor:
02 Restoring Cream