Osmosis Facial Treatment

The Osmosis Treatment offers the best in the world for restoring skin health and returning it to a more youthful state. Osmosis has searched the world for the most effective ingredient encompassed in a natural delivery that allows for more penetration.  This treatment delivers healing plant ingredients into your dermis enabling skin to repair.  Wrinkles and expression lines soften without causing trauma. 

The Osmosis treatment  does not exfoliate for the sake of shedding the epidermis, it encourages a healthier, thicker dermis and in doing so it will exfoliate when needed.  This treatment improves  the skin without trauma and inflammation. 

 “First do no harm” is associated with the Hippocratic Oath and it is a philosophy that seems to have been forgotten in traditional skincare.  Sadly, skin care that uses artificial ingredients, especially colors, fragrances and preservatives, is creating inflammation in the skin that makes it harder to repair because the skin’s resources are being diverted to deal with the newly created inflammation.

Osmosis is an all-natural, no artificial preservatives (parabens), color and fragrance free skin care line that is specifically designed to inflammation while maintaining epidermal integrity. 

The after treatment results are incredible!

Price: $150.00 

To compliment the affects of the this treatment the suggested support products are: