LED Light Therapy Treatment

Light Therapy has been used in the medical profession for over 60 years.This technology was first  discovered  by  Dr. Harry Whelan for NASA to assist the astronauts while in space. 

Photo dynamic LED (light emitting diodes) repairs with the sole focus of adding health and longevity to key areas such as the stem cell and skin dermis.  It produces different light wave lengths to induce specific biological responses that are targeted to heal and repair as it works with our body to produce more collagen to restore and maintain a permanent, healthy skin for a lifetime.  this treatment differs from other light therapies that induce a thermal injury to force the activity of collagen (wound collagen – from IPL, Fraxel, Thermage and lasers). Rather, Photo Dynamic LEDs assist the cellular metabolic process, which in turn activates the cells to produce the fuel our skin cells need for healing and collagen production.

Just look at these results:

LED light is less concentrated than the pinpoint of light in a laser,  the light is dispersed evenly and it can be used for a longer periods to stimulate collagen without  side effects.  Dr. Hayflick, a professor of cell biology, was able to determine that the stem cell cannot undergo forced heat inflammation and his studies confirmed that stem-cells cannot repair from injury more than 50 times without turning in the direction of cancer.    LEDs are much safer as they never injure the skin, they work with your own genetics to assist collagen production, up to 150 times more collagen each time that you have a treatment.

Using topical Volufirm for maximum collagen production while having these treatments is highly recommended.

Dr. Ryan Spitler. of Stanford University, studies has shown that LED technology helps to prolong the lifespan of stemcells and promotes collagen, anti-aging, it enhances wound healing, and improves acne.
To soften deep wrinkles you will need 6-8 treatments one week apart.  Maintenance will be needed for lasting results and this is true for all healthy regimens.  The time schedule will vary depending on your age, health  and previous sun damage.

Research has proven that topical nourishment will improve collagen levels by 20% when used in conjunction with Photo dynamic LED Therapy.



Price - $120 per treatment.
This includes an in-depth cleanse and exfoliation prior to each treatment.

To begin, I suggest a series of 6 treatments, Price $640