Non-Surgical Face Lift

 This two-part technology powerfully tones the intricate muscles of the face, lifting the contours and adding fullness for a smoother, more youthful appearance. The low-voltage micro-electric current was first medically researched by Dr. Goodheart and Dr. Wing for the treatment of muscle paralysis. This treatment is safer than most electrical impulses as it does not force a muscle to spasm or jump. There are many muscles in the skin that are not attached to skeletal system.  Most muscles are attached to one another by delicate internal procerus ligaments.  It is important to note that these ligament are fragile and can become loose or dislodged by aggressive action.  The Micro-current is unique in that it works with your body to assist and tone all of the individual muscles in your face.  It also improves lymph drainage and is considered to he as helpful as acupuncture with improving circulation. It brings moisture and a lustrous shine without harming or over stretching the procerus ligaments.

Price - $100

With cleansing Enzyme Treatment  $120

Recommended products that maintain the muscle tone during and
between treatments are:

Vistreae Elastin Cellular Fortifying Cream (oily skin)

Vistreae Cascading Antioxidant Cream (dry skin)