Immune Boost Treatment

Immune boost is a complex peptide comprised of marine based algae ingredients.  It helps to restore the skin's natural functions and boosts the immunity of the stem cell. It also neutralizes pollutants and helps skin defend and detoxify agents that free the skin from pollutants. 

The algae reproductive cells stimulates the proliferation of genes and growth factor genes. The algae peptides stimulate stem cells to differentiate into healthier skin cells, fibroblasts and the synthesis of collagen. 

Young skin readily regenerates collagen and elastin. In an aging skin, the quantity of active fibroblasts is greatly reduced which means that synthesis of collagen and elastin decreases. By utilizing the benefits of this new algae peptide technology, we can stimulate cells to restore the skin’s ability to regenerate faster as it would in our youth.

Price - $100.00

To minimize the lipid peroxide damage on a daily basis:
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