MD Rescue Epidermal Repair Serum 1oz

Osmosis Pur Medical Skin Care

Restore is designed to improve and strengthen the body and skin for overall wellness. It will assist in treating and preventing disease thus enabling a healthy life. Should you be experiencing any of the below conditions, it is recommended to use Restore daily. Aging body and skin (all ages) Melasma, hyper-pigmentation, Liver and Age Spots Weak or Suppressed Immune System Disease or Illness Deteriorating Organs or Joints Hyper-pigmentation: Target your skin directly to correct existing areas of inflammation, wrinkles and pigmentation. Restore Topical works to heal the damaged skin cells that signal the melanocyte to over produce pigmentation and collagen to harden. Once the cell is healed it allows the melanocyte to produce normal amounts of protective melanin. Results diminish the appearance of oxidized collagen and most melasma, making the cells more resilient and strengthening the skin. Watch your skin become healthy once again.
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