Micro Spot Eliminator Treatment

This treatment removes hyper-pigmented  spots, skin tags, keratomas and all types of skin growths that have appeared through aging. It utilizes technology from a Micro Faradic Current - an alternating and interrupted current capable of producing a mechanical reaction without a chemical effect.

 It is unique in that it does not travel deep into the tissue nor does not implode the fluid which would  create a long lasting wound. This current  induces a dry response that creates a soft lifting affect and does not disrupt the tissue nor create scar tissue in the way that liquid nitrogen, sound-waves or laser would. This micro current is easy to control and the skin appears dry as the pigment and tissue flakes off within the week.  You will see light pigment changes as the melanin forms again in the fresh tissue.

If you dislike spots and skin growths that appear as you age - you will be delighted with the results.

Price will vary per area and time: $90 -  $200.00

I also suggest including:

Ferulic Antioxidant Serum

This topical serum contains powerful Ferulic plant extracts and anti-oxicants that prevent UVA and UVB radation. Daily use prevents future pigment from occurring.